This "Best Car Donation Charities" page has been created as a service to those
seeking the best charity to donate their car to.
We know it's not always an easy decision -- and our goal is to assist you in making yours.

We reviewed the charities / companies that generally come up in the first 5 Google search results,
(when such search phrases as "best way to donate a car", "car donation reviews", etc., are used)
as those are the ones that most people see, and respond to.

This New Jersey-based nonprofit childhood cancer charity has been accepting car
donations since 1998, and has a perfect Google review rank of 5 stars.
According to their website, they offer the highest allowable tax deduction, free towing,
and fast response times (generally within 3 business hours).

Give2kids accepts cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats - any vehicle.

Charitable Programs: They offer free cars to New Jersey low-income families
with children with cancer, provide cancer prevention treatment and prevention education,
and offer a scholarship program.

Thank You Gifts Offered: Give2Kids offers you your choice of Two Vacation Hotel Vouchers,
and if your vehicle qualifies, a $200 VISA Gift Card.

The combination of their perfect review ranking, free car program, etc., and generous thank-you gifts,
make Give2Kids an easy choice as the
#1 Best Car Donation Charity.


This is not a charity, but a Rhode Island-based company called "Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc".
They work with a number of charities (but you should be aware they keep a portion of the
donation proceeds for their services to the charities

They appear to have a fairly good reputation,
though this Better Business Bureau report shows several complaints.

Charitable Programs: apparently offers no programs themselves,
(but the charities they work with, do).

Thank You Gifts Offered: None

3. 2-star donating car nj rating

WheelsforWishes (AKA Car Donation Foundation) is a nonprofit charity that collects vehicles for
MakeAWish Foundation (but apparently keeps a large portion of the proceeds for themselves).

In fact, this article reports that the Minnesota Attorney General found that
only 20% of the millions collected by WheelsForWishes actually went to
Make-A-Wish -- the remaining 80% was kept by WheelsForWishes.

Charity Watch
is not too pleased with WheelsForWishes, either. See article:
"Charity Finishes Last at Car Donation Charities: Micro-Mini Share of Proceeds Go to Charity"

There are several other similar reports about WheelsForWishes, if you care to reseach further.

Charitable Programs: None

Thank You Gifts Offered: None

4. 2-star donating car nj rating 

Kars4Kids is a non-profit car donation organization, which donates most of its proceeds to Oorah,
an organization whose mission is to give Jewish children and their families opportunities to
connect with their Jewish heritage and traditions.

Unfortunately,according to a many reliable reports, Kars4Kids has had a number of
issues with transparency about the fact that donations only go to children of a specific ethnicity,
not to all children. Apparently, they've had legal issues, for lack of transparency, and more,
 in the states of Minnesota, Pennsyvania and Oregon:

CBS reports:
"Kars4Kids charity misleads donors"

Nonprofit Quarterly reports:
"Kars4Kids: What the Jingle Leaves Out"
Charity Watch
"Costly and Continuous Kars4Kids Ads Disguise Charity's Real Purpose"

5. how-to-make-car-donation-image
"Goodwill" Car Donation is neither Goodwill, nor a charity.
They are a for-profit business called "National Charity Services". National Charity Services (AKA "") collects cars for Goodwill Industries -- but then apparently takes a large percentage of the donation proceeds (see link below). According to, this company has an
annual revenue of over $3 million dollars.
Another disturbing thing about "Goodwill" Car Donation is that they make their website appear to be that of Goodwill Industries, fooling people into thinking they are donating their car entirely to that charity.
According to this report from the State of North Carolina, it shows that in that state alone, National Charity Services / "Goodwill" Car Donations received a whopping 55 PERCENT of the real Goodwill's donation proceeds. 

Charitable Programs: None
Thank You Gifts Offered:

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